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Rod Serling To Produce 13 Hour-Long Episodes of "Twilight Zone"

May 23, 1962 - Rod Serling and CBS have reached an agreement under which Mr. Serling will produce a new series of 13 hour-long episodes for “The Twilight Zone.” Mr. Serling said today he would begin production of the new programs in mid-July. He will write four or five of the scripts, he said. The others will be written by Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson. Both have participated in the writing of half-hour scripts for “The Twilight Zone.” The new version of “The Twilight Zone” will make its debut in January 1963, Mr. Serling said. He expects to complete production of the episodes before he becomes a writer-in-residence later this year at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Mr. Serling, an alumnus of Antioch, will be in residence there four or five months.


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