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Rod Serling and CBS Considering Hour-Long Episodes of "Twilight Zone"

Apr. 28, 1962 - Although the CBS half-hour series “The Twilight Zone” is not currently scheduled to continue next fall, the network and Rod Serling are discussing plans to film a series of hour-long episodes. The expanded version of “The Twilight Zone” would go on the air midway through the 1962-3 season or in the fall of 1963. The hour-long “Twilight Zone” would be similar in format to the shows now televised on Fridays from 10 to 10:30 p.m. “It would give us a chance for much more probing in the story line,” Mr. Serling explained. “We could put much more emphasis on character. Right now, we have to emphasize plot.” “Twilight Zone” made its debut in 1959. Mr. Serling said he had received “several thousand letters of protest” from viewers since it had become known the show would not be on the air next fall.


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