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Rockefeller Returns to New York as Hopes Dim for Missing Son

Nov. 29, 1961 - Governor Rockefeller ended his long journey home today, tired and drawn. Arriving at New York International Airport from Amsterdam, Mr. Rockefeller expressed hope that a “miracle” would still happen and that his son Michael would be found alive in the jungles of Dutch New Guinea. But most of what the Governor said at the airport was a father’s eulogy for a lost son and praise for those who searched for him. In tribute to his son, Governor Rockefeller said even as a little boy Michael had been “aware of people, their feelings, their thoughts.” “He always loved people and was loved by people,” Mr. Rockefeller continued. “He had tremendous enthusiasm and drive. He loved the beauty of life, the beauty of people, the beauty of art and nature and sculpture.” As he completed his remarks, the Governor looked at the large group of reporters, photographers, and cameramen who had remained silent during his 10-minute statement. “Are there any questions?” the Governor asked. The newsmen stood in respectful silence as Governor Rockefeller left to enter his car for the trip home.


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