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Robert Kennedy’s Newfoundland, Brumus, a Justice Department Mascot

Aug. 3, 1962 - A frequent visitor at the Justice Department these days is a large animal answering to the name of Brumus. He is a Newfoundland dog, and one of the many pets Robert F. Kennedy has collected for his seven children. The Attorney General, explaining Brumus’s presence to visitors recently, said: “He usually stays at home with the children. But the children are away on vacation, and he gets very lonely. So, I bring him down here and get pretty girls to take him for walks.” At 14 months, Brumus is almost as big, and not nearly as graceful, as a pony. He is considered well-behaved most of the time. The Attorney General’s home menagerie includes two other dogs, ponies, horses, geese, a burro, a sea lion, Hungarian pigeons, 20 goldfish, rabbits, turtles, and a salamander.


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