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Robert F. Kennedy departs for Japan

Feb. 1, 1962 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy took off today on a goodwill trip around the world. He is scheduled to return at the end of February. He will spend a week each in Japan and Indonesia and make shorter visits to Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, West Germany, the Netherlands and probably some other countries. Mr. Kennedy’s wife, Ethel, will be with him. The trip symbolizes the extraordinary role played by Robert Kennedy in this Administration. “The second most powerful man in Government” — that is the estimate of the Attorney General given by insiders. Far more than any previous Attorney General, he is involved in affairs outside the problems of law enforcement — foreign policy, intelligence, even the farm program. Recently, the President read that his brother had been called “the second most important man in the Western world.” He told the Attorney General wryly: “You have nowhere to go but down.”


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