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Robert F. Kennedy Addresses Hatters Union at Statler-Hilton

June 14, 1962 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy urged American labor unions today to take a more vigorous part in telling this country’s democratic story abroad. “This job,” he said, “cannot be done by the Federal Government; it must be done by people like you.” He spoke to 500 delegates and guests attending the 11th convention of the United Hatters, Cap, and Millinery Workers Union at the Statler-Hilton Hotel in New York. Mr. Kennedy remained long enough to hear Alex Rose, the union president, urge him to wear a hat. “You may need a hat to throw in the ring someday,” Mr. Rose declared. “After all, we voted for 16 years of Roosevelt, and we may want 16 years of Kennedy.” Mr. Kennedy returned to the lectern to decline the suggestion and to say the only Rose he listened to was his mother. Her first name is Rose.

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