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Right-Wing OAS Resumes Terror Campaign in Algeria

June 7, 1962 - European extremists resumed a campaign of arson and bombing in the major cities of Algeria today on orders from the Secret Army Organization (OAS). The new terrorism ended a weeklong unofficial truce, during which members of the OAS had sought negotiations with Algerian nationalist leaders. Using incendiary bombs, plastic explosives, and grenades, armed terrorists set off blasts and caused fires in a large number of public buildings in Algiers, Bône, Constantine, Oran, and Sidi-bel-Abbés. In Algiers alone, at least a dozen public buildings were partly destroyed in the OAS’s effort to wreck the truce that ended the Algerian nationalists’ seven-year war with France. OAS terrorists also resumed the murder of Moslems. At least six were shot and killed in Algiers early in the day.


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