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Rick Casares of Chicago Bears Cleared of “Point-Shaving”

Jan. 5, 1963 - Rick Casares (#35), fullback of the Chicago Bears, revealed today he had twice taken lie-detection tests to determine whether he ever tried to “shave points” in a football game. Both tests cleared him, Casares said, and Bears owner-coach George Halas declared that he still has faith in his fullback. Casares’s revelation was the latest in the first major investigation of possible scandal in the pro football ranks in 17 years. And the investigation is not being run solely by the NFL. In Washington, the Senate Rackets Committee is conducting its own investigation into possible point-shaving and fixes in football. Senate investigators are busy in Chicago checking into nightclubs where pro players and gamblers might meet. The night spots reported under investigation include a strip-tease saloon on Chicago’s North Clark Street, reportedly under crime syndicate domination, and a lavish nightclub near Chicago’s O’Hare Inn, owned by an ex-convict. The off-hours activities of pro football heroes came under the spotlight when NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle revealed recently at Hollywood Beach, Fla., that some of the Bears, along with players for three or four other teams, have associated with “undesirable types.”


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