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Richardson Signs 1962 Contract with Yanks, Maris Still Holding Out

Feb. 23, 1962 - Second baseman Bobby Richardson (pictured left with Mickey Mantle) signed his 1962 contract with the New York Yankees today for a salary of $25,000. This leaves Roger Maris as the lone Bomber general manager Roy Hamey has yet to bring into the fold. Maris, who has been in Fort Lauderdale principally for the filming of Columbia Picture’s “Safe at Home,” in which he co-stars with Mickey Mantle, said today that his work on the picture is now done. Mantle, who has signed a Yankee contract for $85,000, is merely marking time before going to work with the final squad of fielders next Wednesday. That $85,000 may be the reason Maris is having a contract duel with Hamey. Friends say Maris feels that since he was the one to top Babe Ruth’s homer record of 60 last year, the difference between Mantle’s salary and his should be considerably less than $25,000. The club has offered $60,000 to Maris.


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