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Rhode Island Teen Booked for Murder of Two Women, Says He Had “Urge To Kill”

Jan. 27, 1963 - A 17-year-old Pawtucket, R.I., high school student and star athlete spent much of the day telling police how he slashed to death two women because he had “an urge to kill.” Thomas R. Knott (pictured) was picked up by detectives shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday night as he walked to his car after attending a movie in Pawtucket with his parents. After a few minutes questioning at the station, he said, “I don’t want to do this again.” Police said he then admitted that Friday afternoon he stabbed Mrs. Edith Martin, 38, and left her body in the hallway of her 6-room home. The youth confessed he also was the killer of Mrs. Nancy Ann Frenier, 19, of Pawtucket, who was knifed to death on Dec. 22, 1961. Her body was thrown into an East Providence reservoir where it was discovered on Mar. 19, 1962. Often showing no emotion and at other times crying hysterically, Knott revealed the horrible details of both crimes. His second victim, Mrs. Martin, was stabbed 31 times. He told police he had not known either woman. He decided to kill them on an impulse. “I would have done it again,” he said. “Thank God they caught me.”


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