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RFK Visits Troops in South Korea

Jan. 19, 1964 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy put diplomacy aside today to visit with U.S. troops close to the no man’s land between South Korea and the Communist north. He came to South Korea from Tokyo and meetings with Indonesian President Sukarno on the Malaysian crisis. This morning, Mr. Kennedy stood at the Korean armistice line and looked through aa field telescope at North Korean Communist fortifications 2½ miles away. Mr. Kennedy flew to the lines last night for a visit to United States troops. He spent the night with the troops about three miles behind the line and visited Observation Post Masie this morning. The outpost, manned by the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron of the 9th Cavalry Division, is on a hill that overlooks the demilitarized zone. The Attorney General ate breakfast in the squadron’s mess hall and then attended mass with the troops. Later, he told reporters he was encouraged by the initial contact with Sukarno, and he predicted that the disputants would negotiate their differences at the conference table.


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