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RFK Returns to Washington

Jan. 27, 1964 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy said today that all parties in the dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia had to show “patience and understanding” if war is to be avoided. The Attorney General arrived in Washington at 6:53 p.m. from London, where he talked yesterday with Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home and Foreign Secretary R.A. Butler. Malaysia is a member of the British Commonwealth. During his trip, Mr. Kennedy met in the Far East with the leaders of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In a brief news conference at the airport, Mr. Kennedy expressed gratification that President Sukarno of Indonesia, who has threatened to crush Malaysia, had agreed to a ceasefire. He added that everything depended on the outcome of the conference of foreign ministers of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines to be held soon in Bangkok, Thailand. Indonesia charges that Malaysia perpetuated British colonialism. The Philippines claims part of Malaysia.


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