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RFK: No Plans To Run for President in 1968

Mar. 1, 1963 - Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy replied “emphatically not” when asked today if he were planning to run for President in 1968. Interviewed during an automobile ride from a hotel speaking engagement to his Justice Department office, the President’s brother tried to rebut some other recent Washington rumors. He said it was “completely ridiculous and untrue” that he might become Secretary of State, with Dean Rusk moving to the U.N. as Ambassador in place of Adlai E. Stevenson. Regarding the 1968 Democratic Presidential nomination, he said: “Absolutely no. I don’t even think about being President. I know that may sound funny to some people, but that’s the truth.” There is general agreement among politicians that if President Kennedy is reelected in 1964, Vice President Johnson will seek the top prize in 1968.


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