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RFK Makes Progress Negotiating End to Malaysian Crisis

Jan. 20, 1964 - President Diosdado Macapagal pledged full cooperation today with Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy’s efforts toward a peaceful settlement of the Malaysian crisis. Mr. Macapagal said prospects for an early meeting of the heads of state of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines on the issue were “encouraging.” The Philippine President’s pledge was contained in a joint statement after a 2½-hour conference with Mr. Kennedy at Malacanang Palace in Manila this morning. Mr. Macapagal assured Mr. Kennedy that he supported the U.S. efforts to bring about a reconciliation. Mr. Kennedy arrived in Manila yesterday from South Korea, where he had visited U.S. troops and met with President Chung Hee Park on his peacemaking tour for President Johnson. Upon arrival, he was cheered by nearly 2,000 Filipinos at the Manila airport. Mr. Kennedy will go tomorrow to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and plans to see President Sukarno of Indonesia in Jakarta on Wednesday.


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