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Redskins’ Quarterback Norm Snead Works for Peace Corps

Jan. 28, 1963 - Norman Snead (pictured left with Rosey Grier in 1961), Washington Redskins quarterback, took on a new offseason assignment today, recruiting young athletes and coaches for the Peace Corps. Officially, the Peace Corps lists the 23-year-old quarterback, already a ranking star in the NFL after only 2 seasons, as a consultant in recruiting for colleges and universities. Peace Corps officials said Snead’s first assignment will be to help round up 32 coaches and physical education instructors for a project in Indonesia. His salary will be $50 a day. “I’m very fortunate to be able to get it,” said Snead today, when asked about his new job. “I had thought about joining the Peace Corps while I was still at Wake Forest. I liked the idea, but I’ve always had an ambition to play professional football, and everything else had to take a back seat.”


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