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Redskins Hand Rams Fourth Straight Defeat

Oct. 7, 1962 - The Washington Redskins remained unbeaten and at the head of the NFL Eastern Conference today by scoring a 20-14 victory over the crippled Los Angeles Rams, who suffered their fourth straight defeat. With the Rams double-teaming Bobby Mitchell (right), Norm Snead (left) used the fleet flanker mainly as a decoy. He sprang Fred Dugan on scoring passes of 2 and 25 yards. The big end caught four other key first-down throws. It was the first time since 1957 that the Redskins have won 3 straight. Only a tie with Dallas mars their record. The hard-charging Washington defensive line saved the day by rushing Zeke Bratkowski relentlessly in the last few moments, when a touchdown would have changed the picture. The Rams, playing without Jon Arnett and using Ollie Matson on only one play, scored in the second period on a 32-yard rifle shot from Bratkowski to Dick Bass. That made it 10-7 for the Redskins, and it was the closest the Rams ever got.


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