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Redskins Acquire Fred Williams and Angelo Coia from Bears

June 9, 1964 - The Chicago Bears today traded Fred Williams (pictured center), their salty old defensive tackle, and Angelo Coia, five-year end, to the Washington Redskins for the Eastern club’s No. 1 draft choice for 1965.

The trade, announced by Chicago coach George Halas, will prevent Williams, the genial goodwill ambassador from Arkansas, from joining the long list of players who have appeared in the College All-Star game as both a collegian and a pro.

Williams played in the 1952 Chicago lakefront spectacle after his graduation. The Bears will mee the 1964 All-Stars on the night of Aug. 7 at Soldier Field.

The Bears apparently feel they are deep enough at both defensive tackle and offensive end to make the deal without qualms. Returning at defensive tackle are the two regulars, Stan Jones and Earl Leggett, plus Bob Kilcullen and a strong young sophomore, John Johnson.

Coia last year shared the spread end berth with John Farrington. The position is expected to be buoyed by the acquisition of Bill Martin, rookie from Georgia Tech. Other receivers include Mike Ditka, Johnny Morris, and Bob Jencks.

The move is seen as a direct counter by the Chicago club to Green Bay’s deal last month by which the Packers acquired Philadelphia’s top draft choice for 1965.

The Packers, figuring Philadelphia as a last place club, put themselves in possible position to pick first in the draft meeting next December. Now, the Bears, by engineering today’s trade with Washington, may be betting on the Redskins to “beat out” the Eagles for the cellar spot in the Eastern division, giving the Bears the first crack at such graduating seniors as Illinois’ illustrious linebacker, Dick Butkus.

Williams, 34, joined the Bears in 1952 as their No. 5 draft choice. Coia, 26, came up from Southern California in 1960.

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