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Reds Manager Has Cancer

Jan. 3, 1964 - Fred Hutchinson (pictured in 1961), 44-year-old manager of the Cincinnati Reds, said today he had cancer in his chest and would undergo treatment in Seattle for at least two months. Hutchinson said that as far as he knew there would be no surgery. He said he would begin treatments at the Swedish Hospital Tumor Institute. He said the illness had been diagnosed by his brother, Dr. William Hutchinson of Seattle, and other doctors as a “malignancy.” But the former star pitcher for the Detroit Tigers used the word “cancer.” He said he had discovered the trouble Christmas eve. “It was like having a rug jerked out from under you,” he said. He explained that he had felt a swelling in his neck, which was “a little sore,” and a doctor told him it might be gland trouble but that if the swelling didn’t recede, he was to return for further diagnosis. Additional tests showed a probable malignancy, and Hutchinson’s brother, a surgeon, confirmed the diagnosis.

Hutchinson said he was optimistic that he would be able to return to Florida for the Reds’ spring training, which begins at Tampa Feb. 29. “At least the doctors have given me no reason to think I can’t,” he added. As for his favorite pastime, golf, Hutchinson said he probably would not be able to play much. “I think they want me to get a lot of rest,” he said. Hutchinson recently made a hole in one. “It was like a hog rooting for acorns,” he said, grinning. “Sooner or later you’re going to get one if you keep at it long enough.” Hutchinson arrived in Seattle from his winter home at Bradenton, Fla., and his wife, Patsy, came two days ago. His son, Rick, 19, will remain in Florida where he is attending college. Another son, Jack, 18, has been signed by the Reds and will go to spring practice with the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, club. The Hutchinsons’ other two children — Patty, 15, and Joe, 9 — will come to Seattle.


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