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Red Wings Top Black Hawks, Tie Semifinal at 2-2

Apr. 2, 1963 - Bobby Hull, an unexpected last-minute starter, played surprisingly well under trying circumstances, and the Chicago Black Hawks showed corresponding improvement. However, Chicago went down to defeat for the second time in a row tonight at Detroit’s Olympia Stadium. The Hawks, who swooned without their Golden Jet last Sunday, 4-2, fell again tonight with him, before the surging Red Wings of Detroit. This time it was 4-1, and it tied the best-of-7 Stanley Cup semifinals at 2 victories apiece. The Black Hawks really weren't in this game very long tonight as the Wings took a 1-0 lead in the first period, moved ahead in the second, 3-1, and scored their fourth goal at 0:18 of the final period. Hull scored the Hawk goal, his fourth of the series. Alex Faulkner, Gordie Howe (left), André Pronovost, and Floyd Smith produced for the Wings in that order. Hull, his left eye still black and blue from a nose injury, skated at half-mast tonight, pressing only once on a great defensive maneuver, but his passing was good along with his positional play. He was wary of his sore right shoulder and didn't get involved in too much body contact. Two broken ribs prevented Chicago defenseman Al MacNeil from taking the ice tonight.


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