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Red Sox Manager Fines Pumpsie Green after Infielder Goes AWOL

July 28, 1962 - Red Sox manager Mike Higgins slapped a heavy fine on his wandering infielder, Pumpsie Green (pictured right with Ted Williams in 1959), today while the Boston club tried to find another missing player, Gene Conley, a pitcher. Green and Conley both missed last night’s doubleheader with Washington. The Sox took a double trouncing, 11-2 and 14-1. The pair vanished Thursday after hopping off the team bus in a New York traffic jam. Green showed up in Washington last night, 24 hours after the rest of the team flew in from Newark. He was ordered to report to the ballpark immediately, but Sox officials reported that he had replied, “No, I am going to bed.” Higgins reportedly gave Green a hard time today, and the Sox fined him $500. Green offered no valid excuse for skipping the doubleheader but promised it would not happen again. He is batting .186 and has been used in utility roles this season.


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