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Red Sox Fine Pitcher Gene Conley $2,000 for Disappearing

July 30, 1962 - Gene Conley (pictured), the wandering pitcher, was fined today an estimated $2,000 by the Boston Red Sox. At the same time, the suspended ball player was reinstated. Conley also will lose his pay for the four games he missed — in the vicinity of $600. Conley was missing from the time he stepped off a team bus in a New York traffic jam Thursday until yesterday, when a New York Post reporter spotted him at Idlewild International Airport trying to board a plane for Israel, with no passports or luggage. Following a meeting between Conley and manager Mike Higgins today, Higgins said: “He told me he was sorry for everything he did. He didn’t know why he did it and had no actual reason for doing it.” An infielder, Pumpsie Green, who left the bus with Conley Thursday but showed up in a Washington hotel Friday night, has been fined an estimated $500.


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