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Red Guerrillas Strike North and South of Saigon

May 24, 1963 - Viet Cong guerrillas (pictured) struck against Government outposts and strategic hamlets north and south of Saigon today in what may be the beginning of a new spring offensive by the Communists in South Vietnam. In two pre-dawn attacks, Viet Cong forces hit militia outposts in Ving Binh province on the China Sea coast in the Mekong River delta south of Saigon. A Government military spokesman said troop reinforcements and fighter-bomber planes were rushed to the rescue but that the outcome of the action was uncertain. North of Saigon, 100 Viet Cong guerrillas stormed the Long Cau strategic hamlet in Binh Duong province but were driven off after losing eight men killed and one captured. The Viet Cong overran a number of outposts and strategic hamlets in the Camau peninsula in Vietnam’s southernmost province in a strong offensive last month. They inflicted heavy losses on Government forces, wiping out two companies of troops and capturing huge quantities of weapons, then reverted to their old hit-and-run guerrilla tactics.


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