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Israeli Prosecutor Ridicules Adolf Eichmann

July 10, 1961 - At the trial of Adolf Eichmann today, prosecutor Gideon Hausner employed heavy sarcasm, addressing the former Nazi officer in the glass-enclosed cage as "Herr Obersturmbannfuehrer" - Mr. Lieutenant Colonel - referring to Eichmann's rank in the S.S. forces. Mr. Hausner got him to admit that when he compiled his memoirs in Argentina five years ago he said Jews must be "exterminated." "But I did not mean physical extermination," Eichmann protested. At this the prosecutor threw an astonished look at the prisoner. "Do you know of any extermination that is not physical?" he asked. "Yes," said Eichmann. "In our struggle against France and England, we tried to overpower them, to reduce their strength. The term extermination was used often in this sense during the war. It did not mean physical extermination." The Attorney General gave a long look at the gallery and said with heavy sarcasm, "Ah - not physical."


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