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Hoffa Re-Elected to Five-Year Term as Teamsters President

July 7, 1961 - James R. Hoffa was re-elected by acclamation today to a new five-year term as president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The convention vote in Miami Beach put the country's most controversial labor leader in solid control of its biggest and strongest union. Mr. Hoffa's triumph represented the high point in a career that has kept him embroiled in almost uninterrupted conflict with Presidents of the United States, Senate investigators, Cabinet members, courts, prosecutors, and the merged labor movement. President Kennedy said in a pre-election television debate with Richard M. Nixon that he was not satisfied to see a man like Mr. Hoffa "go free." Despite all the charges of corruption and underworld association that have been leveled against him, Mr. Hoffa has strengthened his grip on the giant union.


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