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"Capeman" Execution Date Set

July 12, 1961 - The New York Court of Appeals has set the week of Aug. 7 for the execution of 17-year-old Salvatore (Capeman) Agron (pictured) for a double slaying during a New York City playground fight. The court set the date after upholding the death sentence of the Puerto Rican youth last week. However, the death sentence may be commuted by Gov. Rockefeller, who must hold a clemency hearing. The court found Agron guilty of stabbing to death Robert Young and Anthony Krzesinski, both 16, during a Hell's Kitchen playground fight in August, 1959. Agron and another youth had set out to seek reprisals against members of youth gangs they felt had been making derogatory remarks about Puerto Ricans. Agron was called "Capeman" because he wore a black cape with red lining during the fight.

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