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NYC Grocer Charles DiMaggio Battles Criminals

July 5, 1961 - When a hold-up man comes into Charles DiMaggio's grocery on New York's Lexington Avenue and points a gun in his face, Mr. DiMaggio almost yawns. It has happened 20 times in the last 14 years. Bandit No. 20 visited him last night. At 11:10, as Mr. DiMaggio tended his store, a hold-up man said, "Get down, or I'll blow your brains out." Mr. DiMaggio got down. His visitor reached for the $200 in the register. Mr. DiMaggio reached for a rifle he keeps handy. He fired and nicked the intruder, who then fled without the cash. Within the hour, the police had found a man at Metropolitan Hospital who fit the description of the robber. Mr. DiMaggio thanked them. Then he went back to work.

#guns #NRA #selfdefense #2A

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