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No Inquest in Hemingway Shotgun Death

July 3, 1961 - There will be no inquest in the shotgun death of Ernest Hemingway (pictured in 1952), authorities in Blaine County, Idaho, said today. The author was found dead yesterday morning at his home. He had head wounds, and a double-barrel, 12-gauge shotgun lay next to his body. His fourth wife, Mary, stated that his death had been accidental. Sheriff Frank L. Hewitt said Mr. Hemingway had fired both barrels of the 12-gauge shotgun into his head. Coroner Ray McGoldrick said that the death certificate would read: "Self-inflicted gunshot wounds in the head." On the question of whether Mr. Hemingway shot himself accidentally or committed suicide, the coroner said, "People can make up their own minds."


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