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Pulitzer Prize Winner Carl Sandburg Visits President Kennedy

Oct. 25, 1961 - Carl Sandburg (left), Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and biographer of Abraham Lincoln, called at the White House today to salute President Kennedy and pay his disrespects to former President Eisenhower. General Eisenhower had irritated Mr. Sandburg with a speech in New York last night that ridiculed the Peace Corps as a “juvenile experiment.” The New York speech, Mr. Sandburg said, was an “easy and careless blast.” He added: “The chances are that President Kennedy is going to rate as one of the great Presidents. He’s a great relief from the press conferences of Dwight David Eisenhower, the most ungrammatical President we’ve ever had. Shooting off about the Peace Corps before it’s begun to have a try-out! He says it’s no use? No, that wasn’t good sportsmanship.”


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