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Psychiatrist: Heavyweight Boxer Eddie Machen “Dangerous to Himself”

Dec. 18, 1962 - Heavyweight boxer Eddie Machen (pictured in 1960 with his manager Sid Flaherty) is so mentally disturbed that he is “dangerous to himself” and should be confined to Napa State Hospital for further treatment, a psychiatrist recommended today. The opinion was made known by Dr. Theo Miller shortly before a hearing at Fairfield, Calif. “We are treating him now as if he were dangerous to himself and others,” Dr. Miller said. “We are of the opinion that he needs treatment.” Two violent rampages by the fighter in the hospital have made it necessary to forcibly restrain and sedate him. Machen was ordered confined for observation and his own protection after he was found in a parked car with a pistol last Wednesday off a road near Valleujo, apparently contemplating suicide.


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