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Prince of Wales May Be in for a Caning after Drinking Brandy

June 19, 1963 - Buckingham Palace confessed today it had erred in denying that the Prince of Wales had drunk a cherry brandy, and the Prince seemed to be in for a caning. Prince Charles (pictured right with Lord Snowden), 14-year-old son of Queen Elizabeth II and heir to the throne, was reported to have bought the cherry brandy in a bar in Stornoway Monday. He had gone to that town in the Outer Hebrides with a detective and four of his schoolmates at Gordonstoun, in Scotland, aboard the school training ship Pinta. Buckingham Palace denied yesterday that the Prince had taken a drink. Today, it issued a statement that the Queen wished it to be known that she had been misled. Scotland Yard said today it was investigating the origin of the misleading information. The headmaster of Gordonstoun, F.R.G. Chew, said he would take disciplinary action against Prince Charles if investigation proved it necessary. Mr. Chew said a cane was kept at the school for use in more serious offenses. He would not say what punishment he had in mind for the Prince.


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