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President’s Brother-In-Law Preparing ’64 Campaign in New York

Apr. 6, 1963 - With 19 months to go before the 1964 national election, President Kennedy’s personal political organization is already at work in New York to prepare for the campaign. The assault on Governor Rockefeller’s political base is being prepared by Stephen E. Smith (right), a brother-in-law of the President. Democratic leaders in the state look upon Mr. Smith as the President’s personal representative. He worked for Mr. Kennedy in his 1960 campaign, and he directed the campaign that elected Edward M. Kennedy, the President’s brother, to the Senate in Massachusetts last fall. Operating from an office at 230 Park Avenue, Mr. Smith is also charged with pre-campaign organization in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan — three states that have three things in common with New York. Each has a Republican Governor, each has big cities, and each has a large number of electoral votes. Like Mr. Rockefeller, Gov. William Scranton of Pennsylvania and Gov. George Romney of Michigan are considered potential Republican candidates for the Presidency.


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