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President Praises Elderly Peace Corpsmen

Aug. 30, 1962 - A dozen members of the Peace Corps, ranging in age from 60 to 76, were praised today by President Kennedy. “Your presence inspires us all,” the President told the volunteers, who will serve as teachers and technical experts in foreign lands. Mr. Kennedy noted that many people held the impression that only youngsters served in the corps. He said this was true in the sense that the corps was made up of “the young in spirit.” He said the volunteers had many talents, had already led full and useful lives in the service of their country, but were now going to serve again. The President said he hoped their example would not only inspire others to join the Peace Corps but would also point out that “life really is unlimited” when persons in their sixties and seventies were going out to serve mankind around the world. The four men and eight women reported that their projects would take them to such diverse areas as Ethiopia, West Pakistan, Malaya, Brazil, India, and Peru.


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