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President Lands in Houston

Nov. 21, 1963 - President Kennedy’s “non-political” visit to Texas blossomed into a rousing campaign-like tour today with crowds, cheers, confetti, “Let’s Back Jack” signs and in-fighting among local Democrats. A huge crowd of well-wishers greeted President and Mrs. Kennedy at Houston International Airport (pictured). A band was playing, and the University of Houston Young Democrats were present in force. The President and First Lady shook hands with many of them. The rush-hour throngs downtown were especially impressive, although as the President rode through, a plane circled overhead towing a streamer reading, “Co-existence is Surrender.” On the ground, there were a few Goldwater signs sprinkled here and there. Still, it seemed to be a Kennedy crowd. The President and Mrs. Kennedy dined privately at the Rice Hotel before heading to a dance of the League of United Latin American Citizens.


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