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President Kennedy Visits Buffalo, N.Y.

Oct. 14, 1962 - President Kennedy, joining a mammoth Pulaski Day celebration in Buffalo, declared today that he thought of Poland as temporarily in a Soviet prison but not lost forever. Rejecting the view that nations are either for the U.S. or against it, either completely under Soviet domination or completely free, Mr. Kennedy sounded this alert to a capacity throng in Niagara Square: “We must be able to seize the initiative when the opportunity arises, in Poland in particular, and in other countries behind the Iron Curtain as time goes on.” “Jeszcze Polska nie zginiela,” shouted the President. The crowd roared back its recognition of the Polish national song, “Poland has never been lost.” “It’s like ‘God Bless America’ here,” a woman of Polish extraction explained to listeners gathered around the platform in front of City Hall.


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