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President Kennedy to Visit California this Spring

Jan. 19, 1963 - President Kennedy (pictured at the 1960 Democratic Convention) is planning to fly to California in April to inspect military installations and make his first western political appearance leading toward the 1964 Presidential election. Although the primary purpose of the journey is to let the President take a look at western defense forces and weapons, it will have important political implications. The President is expected to appear before a Democratic fundraising dinner in Los Angeles to boost the party’s treasury and spur its interest in the 1964 election. In the last two weeks, a stream of California Democratic political leaders has passed through Washington, assuring Mr. Kennedy and his advisers that the President is in excellent shape in California. They have indicated that barring a complete reversal of the current trend, Mr. Kennedy should win the state’s 40 electoral votes next year. Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon won the state in 1960 by 36,000 votes.


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