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President Kennedy to Celebrate Birthday in Washington

May 28, 1963 - President Kennedy will celebrate his 46th birthday tomorrow with business as usual and two parties. The first party will be given by his staff after he has completed an extensive schedule of activities. These include luncheon with seven Democratic Governors and a meeting with a group of touring NATO officials. The second party will be a private family affair at night in the White House. No guest list has been announced, and indications are that only members of the family will be present. Although he is in his third year as President, this will be the first birthday Mr. Kennedy has spent at the White House. Last year, he was at Glen Ora, a rented family retreat near Middleburg, Va. In 1961, he was in Boston just before leaving on a visit to Paris and Vienna. Aides reported no complaints from the President on the subject of advancing age. He had a graphic reminder of earlier years last week when he witnessed a preview of the movie “PT 109” at the White House. The film, starring Cliff Robertson, is about Mr. Kennedy’s wartime experiences as a torpedo-boat skipper in the South Pacific. It has not yet been released for public showing.


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