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President Kennedy to Attend Birthday Fundraiser at Madison Square Garden

Apr. 2, 1962 - President Kennedy accepted today an invitation from Mayor Wagner of New York City to attend a Democratic fund-raising party at Madison Square Garden on May 19 in honor of the President’s 45th birthday. The goal of the salute is to raise $1 million, to be divided between the national and state Democratic committees. Seymour Krim, president of United Artists and co-chair of the Birthday Salute, said today that those attending the event would be entertained by “the greatest array of talent assembled in history.” Actually, the celebration will be held 10 days before the President’s birthday, which is May 29. The date is convenient for the President, however, as he had earlier accepted an invitation to speak at the Garden on May 20 at a rally of older persons supporting his program to put medical care for the aged under Social Security.


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