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President Kennedy to Address Freed Cuban Prisoners in Miami

Dec. 27, 1962 - In Palm Beach, Fla., today, President Kennedy accepted an invitation to review the freed Cuban prisoners at a ceremony in Miami. At the ceremony, Mr. Kennedy will receive the brigade flag that flew above the Cubans in their unsuccessful effort to liberate their country. The ceremony will be held at Miami’s Orange Bowl Saturday morning. The invitation to the President was conveyed by six Cubans (pictured today), five of them freed prisoners. The Cubans said that after they had delivered the invitation to the President, Mr. Kennedy introduced them to Mrs. Kennedy, the Kennedy children, and Mrs. Kennedy’s sister, Princess Lee Radziwill. The Cubans later praised President Kennedy at a press conference for his efforts to save their lives and lead them “to salvation and freedom.” The freed prisoners addressed the President and the press through an interpreter.


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