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President Kennedy Speaks Out on New York Newspaper Strike

Feb. 7, 1963 - President Kennedy said today that he did not think the bargaining in the New York newspaper strike had been “particularly responsible.” The President told his news conference in Washington that because of this, a “trial by force” had resulted and a situation had been created that might result in the death of two or three papers and the continuation of the strike, which began in early December, through the winter. “I must say that I believe strongly in free collective bargaining but that collective bargaining must be responsible,” Mr. Kennedy said. “I don’t think bargaining there has been particularly responsible.” The President’s remarks were made when he was asked if he thought the Taft-Hartley Law’s emergency provisions ought to be expanded to include strikes that have a serious influence on local areas. He expressed doubt about such an intrusion because, he said, it would involve the government in hundreds of disputes.


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