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President Kennedy Returns from Brief Visit to NYC

Feb. 10, 1963 - President Kennedy returned to Washington this afternoon, ending a 24-hour “completely private and social” visit to New York. With him aboard a military plane taking off from La Guardia Airport at 4:03 p.m. were Mrs. Kennedy and 5-year-old daughter Caroline. Mother and daughter have been in New York since Feb. 3. During the President’s visit, he and Mrs. Kennedy attended a Broadway play, ate at two East Side restaurants, and attended Sunday mass at St. Ignatius Loyola Roman Catholic Church (pictured). A large detail of Secret Service men accompanied the President and members of his party on their social rounds. Last night, after dining with friends at Le Pavillion, a French restaurant on East 57th St., Mr. Kennedy attended a performance of the satirical British review, “Beyond the Fringe,” at the John Golden Theater on W. 45th St. The President chuckled at several references to himself and other world leaders. A crowd of about 2,000 persons greeted the President and Mrs. Kennedy as they arrived at the theater with the usual Secret Service guard. The start of the performance was delayed briefly when the audience greeted the Kennedys with prolonged applause.


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