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President Kennedy Presidents Young American Medals

May 7, 1963 - President Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy presented five Young American medals, one of them posthumously, to three youngsters cited for bravery and two selected for good character and achievement. Gathered for the Rose Garden ceremony were the young award winners, except John N. Aramino, who was killed saving 9-year-old Louis Brady from an onrushing train. The deceased boy’s parents and their two other sons attended the ceremony. Other recipients included Loretta Agnes Jaronik, 18, of South Bend, Ind., who entered a burning house three times and rescued a 6-year-old boy; Philip T. Loura, 16, of South Windham, Me., who saved two young girls from death in the icy waters of a skating pond; and William R. Gordon Jr. and William T. Leonard, honored for good character and achievements in scholarship and leadership.


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