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President Kennedy Pledges Aid to Central America

Mar. 19, 1963 - President Kennedy tonight pledged the U.S. to aid Central America in its efforts toward economic and social progress and to strengthen the area against subversion by Communist Cuba. The pledge was set forth in a Declaration of Central America, signed by Mr. Kennedy together with the presidents of Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The declaration said representatives of the six Central American nations will meet in April to “put into immediate effect common measures to restrict the movement of their nationals to and from Cuba and the flow of material, propaganda, and funds from their countries.” The presidents expressed their “conviction that Cuba soon will join the family of free nations.” They raised no threat of armed intervention. As the most effective means of combating Communist agitation and social discontent in the area, the Central American states will move with new vigor under the Alliance for Progress. This is the self-help program drawn up two years ago at Punta del Esta, Uruguay, to be financed largely with U.S. money.


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