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President Kennedy Pleased with Cooper Launch

May 15, 1963 - President Kennedy expressed happiness at the success of Major Gordon Cooper’s launching into space this morning at 9:04 a.m. He watched the launching of the Faith 7 space capsule atop an Atlas rocket on television in his bedroom in the Executive Mansion. During the day, he kept up with events by peeking at a television set in the office of his secretary, Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln, next to his own office. Mr. Kennedy’s reaction was relayed by Pierre Salinger, White House press secretary. “The President told me he was very happy at the success of the take-off,” Mr. Salinger said. Mr. Salinger said Mr. Kennedy did not plan to talk to Major Cooper during the flight. He also said it was unlikely the President would make a personal statement until the astronaut had completed his trip.


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