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President Kennedy Nearly Assassinated Last December

Aug. 28, 1961 - President Kennedy may have been saved from assassination last December because Mrs. Kennedy unexpectedly appeared with their two children to bid him goodbye on his way to mass. This is reported by U.E. Baughman, retiring chief of the Secret Service, in an article in Look Magazine. Mr. Baughman writes that Richard Pavlick, a retired postal clerk, parked his car, loaded with seven sticks of dynamite, near the house in Palm Beach, Fla., where Mr. Kennedy, then President-elect, was staying Dec. 11. His plan was to crash his car into the Kennedy automobile, thus killing himself and the President-elect. Pavlick changed his mind when Mrs. Kennedy emerged, saying later he "did not wish to harm her or the children," and decided to await another chance. Although Secret Service agents were searching for Pavlick that morning as a result of a tip, they did not locate him until four days later. Pavlick, 73, was committed to a mental hospital on Jan. 27.


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