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President Kennedy Makes Brief Appearance at Harvard-Columbia Game

Oct. 19, 1963 - President Kennedy made a brief appearance at the Harvard-Columbia football game today. Shortly after the kickoff, the President and his aides took seats high on the 50-yard line at Harvard Stadium. They sat in Section 32, on the side of the President’s alma mater, Harvard, while the band played “Hail to the Chief.” The President had made a speech at the University of Maine this morning and was in Boston to deliver another speech tonight. The game was not on his agenda, but it had been reported before game time that he might watch his alma mater play. The two teams had to leave the field at Harvard Stadium with a 3-3 tie that must have been thoroughly dissatisfying to both sides. President Kennedy, a former Harvard swimmer whose interest in football is well known, attended only the first half. From his seat, he saw Ed Malmstrom of Columbia kick a field goal from the 25-yard line midway through the first period. The President probably enjoyed it more when John Hartranft kicked the equalizer from the 12-yard line in the closing moments of the first half.


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