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President Kennedy Increasingly Focused on Goldwater

Oct. 20, 1963 - President Kennedy will return to Washington tomorrow after an excursion in New England that demonstrated his increasing concentration upon Senator Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.). It seems clear that Mr. Kennedy now regards Mr. Goldwater as his most likely opponent next year and that the prospect does not dismay him. At a fundraising dinner in Boston (pictured) last night, for instance, Mr. Kennedy took note of a Republican function in the same hall earlier in the week. Senator Goldwater was the principal speaker. After observing that Massachusetts’ Republican Senator, Leverett Saltonstall, had given Mr. Goldwater a cooler introduction than he used to give Mr. Kennedy himself, the President remarked, almost as if musing to himself: “Well, we want to wait — we want to wait.” Then he added, with some emphasis: “But this campaign may be among the most interesting as well as pleasurable campaigns that have taken place in a long time, and I know we are all looking forward to it.” The President is planning early forays into key parts of the nation to seek cash for next year’s campaign. Among the list of strategic cities where the President intends to address big fundraising dinners are Los Angeles and San Francisco. The San Francisco dinner is set tentatively for early December, and the one in Los Angeles sometime early in 1964. Other tentatively scheduled dinner sites are Chicago, Miami, and Dallas.


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