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President Kennedy Decorates Everest Climbers

July 8, 1963 - President Kennedy greeted the American conquerors of Mount Everest today and presented to them the Hubbard Medal of the National Geographic Society for their outstanding feats. On hand for the ceremony were 19 American members of the Mount Everest expedition, including 4 of the 5 men who reached the summit. Also present were five Sherpas, including Nawang Gumbu, who reached Everest’s summit on May 1 with James Whittaker, the first American to scale the world’s highest mountain. One American who reached the summit, Dr. William Unsoeld, deputy representative of the Peace Corps in Nepal, missed the ceremonies. His toes were frostbitten after two teams reached the summit on May 22. He is recuperating at his home in Katmandu, the capital of Nepal. Members of the expedition were introduced to the President by Norman Dyhrenfurth of Santa Monica, Calif., their leader. Mr. Dyhrenfurth received the Hubbard Medal on behalf of the American team.


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