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President Johnson Visits Governor Connally

Dec. 24, 1963 - President Johnson paid calls on two friends and went deer hunting today before he visited his LBJ Ranch. Mr. Johnson’s first stop on his first trip as President to his native state was a call on Gov. John Connally, who was wounded by the assassin of President Kennedy in Dallas. Governor Connally, his right arm still in a sling from the wounds he suffered Nov. 22, met the President on the porch of the Governor’s mansion. Governor Connally has been an associate of Mr. Johnson for many years. Then Mr. Johnson went by helicopter to the ranch of former Judge A.W. Moursund, the trustee for his business interests. He and Judge Moursund jumped immediately into a Lincoln Continental and went after the deer that abound in the scrub land near Austin. Reporters and Secret Service agents followed them in another car about 50 yards behind. One Secret Service agent rode in the car with the President. Mr. Johnson put his rifle out the window of the car and drew beads several times on deer that were near enough for shooting. In each case, however, the deer at which he was aiming was a doe. It is legal to shoot does in Texas, but Mr. Johnson refuses to do so. It was a relaxing climax to a day tinged with sadness and long hours spent on plans to trim the budget. Earlier today, prior to his flight to Texas, President Johnson had attended the Philadelphia funeral of Rep. William J. Green (D-Pa.). En route to Texas, Mr. Johnson conferred frequently by radio-telephone with Budget Director Kermit Gordon. The President was preparing an executive order which, he said, “will put the Federal agencies in more or less of a straight-jacket as far as expenditures are concerned.” There will be a tree-trimming tonight at the LBJ Ranch and a gathering of Mr. Johnson’s immediate family.


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