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President and Mrs. Kennedy Receive Bolshoi Dancers at White House

Nov. 15, 1962 - President and Mrs. Kennedy extended a second welcome to members of the Bolshoi Ballet today, this time at the White House. They first greeted the dancers backstage in a theatre performance of “Swan Lake” Tuesday night. The White House reception matched the one given by Premier Khrushchev for the American Ballet Theater during its Russian tour in 1960. Accompanying the Bolshoi troupe of 120 today were Soviet Ambassador and Mrs. Anatoly Dobrynin. Mr. Kennedy had planned to greet the dancers in the Rose Garden, but because of a tight schedule the party was shifted to the state dining room, with Mrs. Kennedy as hostess. The President dropped in for a few minutes before hurrying to another engagement. He did not make a speech but asked to meet several “Swan Lake” performers.


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