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President Acclaims Hoover on 38th Year as F.B.I. Director

May 10, 1962 - J. Edgar Hoover finished his 38th year as Director of the FBI today, adding to what President Kennedy called “one of the most unusual and distinguished records in the history of government service.” The tribute, in a letter from the President, was one of many paid to the FBI director by city, state, and national officials as he passed another milestone in his long career. Aides said Mr. Hoover, 67, followed his custom of treating the anniversary like any other workday. They said he spent the day in his office as usual after indicating a desire to avoid interviews or any ceremony to mark the occasion. This contributed to the cancellation of a plan by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy to hold a cake-cutting party in Mr. Hoover’s honor. Instead, the Attorney General paid a congratulatory visit to Mr. Hoover this afternoon. Their offices are on the same floor of the Justice Department building.


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